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Gamesa plugs into the Toyota Prius



Gamesa and Toyota have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the use of electric vehicles in urban environments in Spain. Specifically, Toyota Spain has lent Gamesa a plug-in hybrid vehicle for a six-month period so it can test and verify the car's technology, identify potential limiting factors and analyse its charging requirements.

Two Spanish companies win GreenBuilding award


Constructora d'Aro and Compact Habit have been awarded one of 19 GreenLight and GreenBuilding awards given by the European Commission each year for having managed to reduce energy consumption by over 70% in a building used for education. Projects from across Europe participated in the competition.

Valencia envisages boasting a 170-metre high wind tower


The Wind Tower (or Torre Eólica as it is known in Spanish) is a building designed to accommodate up to 400 vertical-axis wind turbines and geothermal and solar (thermal and photovoltaic) systems. The skyscraper has been jointly designed by the Technical University of Valencia (UPV), the Energy Technology Institute (under the auspices of the Valencia Regional Government) and the Fran Silvestre firm of architects.

Consume your own energy


There was no need to spend much time finding a slogan that hit the mark: “Consume your own energy”. The Platform for the Promotion of Distributed Generation and Energy Self-sufficiency has been established to make this a reality, and was presented in Madrid mid-January.

Cener promotes renewable energy in Peru


While the Peruvian Energy and Mining Investment Supervisory Board (OSINERGMIN) will do the same in Spain. Both institutions – the Peruvian entity and Spain’s National Renewable Energy Centre (Cener) – have signed a “collaboration agreement” by which they agree to conduct “joint energy studies as well as different activities to promote renewables in both countries”.

Iberdrola Engineering boosted R&D investments by 10% in 2011


The engineering division of the Spanish multinational invested over €10 million in research, development and innovation last year, according to data released by the company in mid-January.

Solar generation grew 43% in 2011


At the beginning of January, Red Electrica de España (Spain’s grid operator) published details of the electricity system during 2011. It was a year which saw contracting demand, which fell 1.2%, 33% of which was covered by renewable energy. With regard to clean energy sources, two facts stand out: a record high for wind output in November and the growth in solar generation.

Renewables generated more than 94% of the electricity consumed in Galicia in 2010


In 2010, 94.5% of the electricity consumed in Galicia came from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, and water. This finding was published as part of a study by the Galician Energy Institute (Instituto Enerxético de Galicia, Inega), operating under the auspices of the Galician regional government's Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Golf can also be played thanks to renewable energy


The Rioja Alta Golf Club, located in Cirueña (La Rioja) has become the first golf course in Spain to boast wind and solar power. The installation, constructed by the Rioja-based Kliux Energies, consists of a 4-kWh vertical-axis wind turbine and 3.3-kW photovoltaic panels, which will supply enough power to meet much of the club's energy needs.

Spanish and Moroccan companies sign agreement on renewable energy technology


The Energy Technology Institute (ITE) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Moroccan Solar and Wind Industries Association (AMISOLE) to promote cooperation between Moroccan and Spanish companies working in the renewable energy field.

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