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Cener promotes renewable energy in Peru


While the Peruvian Energy and Mining Investment Supervisory Board (OSINERGMIN) will do the same in Spain. Both institutions – the Peruvian entity and Spain’s National Renewable Energy Centre (Cener) – have signed a “collaboration agreement” by which they agree to conduct “joint energy studies as well as different activities to promote renewables in both countries”.

The signatories of the agreement – the Director General of Cener, José Javier Armendáriz, and the President of the Executive Committee of OSINERGMIN, Alfredo Dammert, signed a collaboration agreement on 18 January, thereby committing to conduct joint studies and energy analyses and organise a series of technical events, workshops and seminars; the main objective of which is to promote and develop renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The institutional event was held at the Navarre Palace, and was presided over by the President of the Navarre government, Yolanda Barcina, and Javier Atkins, President of the Regional Government of Piura (Peru). The Peruvian delegation took advantage of its trip to Pamplona to visit Cener’s technological facilities and hold meetings with technical officers to be able to move forward with the cooperation projects.

Cener explains that it has “extensive international experience, which, on many occasions, it develops based on agreements signed with energy institutions, public administrations or universities”. One of the oldest agreements, which was renewed recently, is the agreement with NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the US; a country where it has also signed an agreement with the Grand State Valley University of Michigan. Universities from other countries with which it has signed agreements include: the universities of Santiago de Chile, Paris and Perpignan (France), as well as the Higher Technology School in Montreal (Canada), and the Technology School of Monterrey (Mexico).

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