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SENER wins European Business Award for Innovation thanks to Gemasolar


SENER has been awarded the top prize in the European Business Awards for its Gemasolar project. SENER beat nine other finalists in the competition, which started in May 2011 and involved over 15,000 European companies.

SENER was chosen for the Gemasolar project along with 24 other Spanish firms to represent the country in the first stage of the competition, and was awarded the Ruban d’Honneur as a finalist in July this year. Of the 110 companies given the Ruban d’Honneur, only one from each category of the European Business Award was awarded a final prize.

The awards were presented in Barcelona on 22 November. SENER’s Vice President, Andrés Sendagorta, picked up the international award and during his speech thanking the judges said: “This award is an example that the change in the model that we need is possible. It is, also an encouragement for SENER to improve our society through our contribution in the technology and industrial field and, particularly, to achieve competitive and efficient solar thermal energy”.

The European Business Awards distinguished the Spanish engineering firm among all the European companies for the development, from its first design until its construction, commissioning and commercial operation, of the most innovative solar plant in the world to date in commercial operation: Gemasolar.

This plant, promoted by the company Torresol Energy (60% owned by the SENER group, 40% owned by Masdar) and located in the village of Fuentes de Andalucía in Seville, southern Spain, is the first commercial plant in the world with central tower receiver technology and a molten salt heat storage system. This system allows energy to be produced for 15 hours even without sunlight; in other words, a clean source such as solar energy can become manageable, as this plant can deliver power to the grid according to demand, even at night or during cloudy weather.

The prestigious European Business Awards identify some of Europe’s brightest businesses based on their ability to demonstrate the three core principles at the heart of the Awards program: innovation, business excellence and sustainability. The European Business Awards objective is to raise the visibility and progress of companies who excel in delivering innovation twinned with successful commercial results whilst acting responsibly and positively affecting the social environment they operate in.

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